It’s been a long time coming: we are finally underway with exterior cladding over the ICF walls of the Loft House at the Quompound! After what seemed like an endless debate of stucco vs Hardie Panel vs other types of cement board siding, vs many different types of metal siding, we finally made a decision and pulled the trigger.

We ended up going with a 7/8 corrugated panel and we’re really happy with it. The color is “charcoal” which amusingly was the same color name for the integral color of our concrete floor. I would say it’s similar to a battleship gray but a little darker.

We wanted something rugged-looking and contrasting with the galvalume of the Quonset hut arches. We’re really pleased with the look!

We were going to do this ourselves, and it’s pretty clear that this is something we could have handled ourselves, but right now we’re both just too busy with other work commitments. If we had done this ourselves it would have taken all summer and into the fall, and we just needed it done already! You definitely save money going the DIY route, but you can also pretty much guarantee the tradeoff of it taking longer for most things. We found a metal roofing company out of Flagstaff that was willing to take it on. Metal roofing and metal wall siding are similar enough that the job turned out to be a good fit for them.

There was a lot of rain last week, their first week on the job, and it definitely hampered things. A couple of days they had to stop early, and Friday they were rained out completely. These photos are how it was left after that first partial week.

Picture of a Quonset hut house showing exterior metal siding on the lower walls supporting the arch.

I will update with more photos as things progress!

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