Free Quonset Hut House Plans

At Clever Moderns, we’re designing a series of simple, elegant modern houses, the plans for which anyone can download for free, with no strings attached. We’re releasing them as a kind of “open source” architectural experiment. 

Check out our selection of free plans below:

Side Window Studio Hut


Based on a simple, traditional semicircular Quonset hut, this modest cottage is about 600 square feet. It has an open plan and can be configured as a one-bedroom home, or with an open studio layout. The side windows are optional, and the front window wall can be simplified as well to minimize cost.

Click here to learn more about this design and download the plans.

Quonset Loft House


The Quonset Loft House is a 1,000 square foot, one bedroom/one bath home with an open plan. The bedroom loft overlooks the open living space below, with the kitchen tucked under the loft.

Click here to learn more about this design and download the plans.


We're building a prototype!

On ten acres in Northern Arizona, we're building The Quompound: our own group of experimental Quonset hut houses. In the spirit of sharing our newfound Quonset construction knowledge, our monthly newsletter brings all our challenges, anecdotes, wins, and lessons learned straight to your inbox. Once completed, we're sharing our Quonset houses with the world as Grand Canyon vacation rentals. Want to test drive a Quonset House? Come give one of ours a spin!

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