Quonset House™ Construction Plans

Pre-drawn Quonset House™ Plans are here, with more plans sets and different models coming soon.

Our Quonset House™ plans demystify working with Quonset huts, and simplify the homebuilding process for you.

Read on to learn more about our pre-drawn Quonset House™ plan sets. To learn more about how to get started, be sure to also check out How it Works and What’s Included.

Download a free Floorplan Set
or purchase detailed Construction Plans.

Floorplan Set

Every Quonset House™ design we offer has its own free Floorplan Set you can download, showing the layout and basic features of that design. It also gives specifics on what size and type of Quonset hut structure you should purchase to build the project.

A free Floorplan Set does not contain any construction details, and isn’t enough info to build from. To build the project, you should purchase the Construction Plans for that design.

Below is a low-resolution example of a Floorplan Set:

Construction Plans

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on your build, you can purchase a set of Quonset House™ Construction Plans for your design of choice. Your Construction Plans will be emailed to you as a PDF, plus 3 copies will be printed & bound on large format 24 x 36 paper and shipped to your door. Each set of Construction Plans consists of 8-12 sheets of drawings & information necessary to build the house. (Actual number of sheets varies with the size and complexity of the design.)

Below is a low-resolution example of a Construction Plan set:

Image Alternative Text
General Notes & Information

One Bedroom Designs

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More one bedroom designs coming soon.


Two Bedroom Designs

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More two bedroom designs coming soon.


Three and four bedroom designs coming soon!