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Interested in building a Quonset hut house, but unsure where to start? Check out our resources and get your project off on the right foot.

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Get in-depth, personalized coaching for your DIY build with architect Earl Parson. Come away with clarity and a customized action plan.

The Quompound

In northern Arizona, we’re building The Quompound,a residence, guest house, and a workshop – all from Quonset huts! Get our monthly newsletter and follow along.

Quonset House Plans

Get inspired by our DIY-friendly, modern Quonset House plans. Download them for free. New designs coming soon!

Download our DIY-friendly, modern Quonset House plans and get inspired!

Get one-on-one coaching for your DIY Quonset build with architect Earl Parson.

We’re building The Quompound, a home, guest house, and workshop – all from Quonset huts! Get the inside story with our newsletter.

Unsure where to start? Check out our resources to get your Quonset build off on the right foot.

The Clever Moderns Vision

I’m architect Earl Parson. After 20 years in the Los Angeles architectural custom home industry, I started asking myself why things couldn’t be done differently.

What if, instead of hiring an architect for a (very expensive) full service to design a new home, and paying a general contractor a big markup to build it, there were a way for people to get simple, well designed modern home plans to construct themselves?

What if the designs were open source, so people could easily customize them and make them their own?

What if the designs were flexible, so one concept could be built as a tiny house and later seamlessly expanded as a family’s needs grew?

What if there were a lot of people out there who would build their own home if the process were streamlined for them, and a few simple tools and resources were offered to help them along the way?

This is my vision for Clever Moderns. A community of people who love simple, good design, supporting one another, living the Clever Modern life.

Recent Posts from our Blog:

Last Quonset Construction Visit of 2017

The other week we made our last trip over to the property for the year. What a year it was! But I can't wax poetic on 2017 just yet. I need to update y'all on our latest progress, and save all the "year in review" stuff for a future post. This trip was all about...

Do they allow Quonset hut homes in my area?

I get asked this a lot, or something similar, such as, "what are the places to purchase property where they will allow you to build your house out of a Quonset hut?" Sadly, there are many places where local restrictions and requirements control what a new house can...

Book Review: Quonset Hut

Subtitled Metal Living for a Modern Age, this charming Quonset hut history edited by Julie Decker and Chris Chiei belongs in every Quonset lover's library. A series of individual essays, the book focuses on various aspects of the creation of the Quonset hut during the...

Quonset House Headquarters: Plumbing + Electrical

We had another great trip to the property last week. This was a Friday to Wednesday trip, returning the day before Thanksgiving. We got a ton done (we're really in a groove now when we go over to the property, which is awesome) and we saw the pinkest sunset EVER! Our...

Quonset Hut House: End Wall Windows Completed

We're back from another productive, though short, visit to the property. No major setbacks, no big delays, no smashed windows. Our first little Quonset hut house is coming along! The primary goal for this trip was to get the last three trapezoid windows installed,...

We're building a prototype!

On ten acres in Northern Arizona, we're building The Quompound: our own group of experimental Quonset hut houses. In the spirit of sharing our newfound Quonset construction knowledge, our monthly newsletter brings all our challenges, anecdotes, wins, and lessons learned straight to your inbox. Once completed, we're sharing our Quonset houses with the world as Grand Canyon vacation rentals. Want to test drive a Quonset House? Come give one of ours a spin!

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