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Insulating the Loft House

I wanted to post this separately from the HQ hut, because the Loft House is a little bit of a different animal in some ways, versus the Headquarters Hut. For the writeup of the HQ Hut insulation, with pictures, see this post. The Loft House is finally insulated! Read...

Insulating the Headquarters Hut

After all the framing prep we had done, there were just a few things left to do to get the Headquarters Hut ready to insulate. Final Prep for Insulation One thing we almost forgot to do was take down the lights! I got a last minute picture before we started this...

Quonset Project Start-up Guide

About the Quonset Project Start-up Guide I'm more excited than ever about the Quonset Project Start-up Guide! I've been compiling it over the past few months, but really it's been something I've wanted to do ever since we started building our very first Quonset hut...

Headquarters Hut Framing Progress

Over the past several weeks we've made great progress on interior framing in the Headquarters Hut! If you follow me on Instagram or are a member of my DIY Quonset Dwellers group on Facebook (both of which I highly recommend, btw) you have probably seen some sneak...