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On ten acres in Northern Arizona, we're building The Quompound: our own group of experimental Quonset hut houses. In the spirit of sharing our newfound Quonset construction knowledge, our monthly newsletter brings all our challenges, anecdotes, wins, and lessons learned straight to your inbox. Once completed, we're sharing our Quonset houses with the world as Grand Canyon vacation rentals. Want to test drive a Quonset House? Come give one of ours a spin!

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Quonset Loft House Framing

The Loft House is no longer a big empty shell! Our framing crew has been on the scene, and really transformed things. Here's how it looked before they started. Bare bones ICF walls with the Quonset roof overhead. The Epic Massive Beam The first thing was to tackle the...

Quonset Workshop End Wall and Hangar Door

Quonset Workshop Design Evolution Like the HQ Hut, this building went through a big of design evolution as we put it together. The ideas just kept flowing and we went for it! The original plan for both of our first two huts was to put in a regular garage door for...

Quonset Headquarters End Wall

Now that our front end wall is essentially complete on the Headquarters Hut (aka the Side Window Studio Hut in my Free Plans library) I thought I would compile a look back at our overall process for putting it together. Evolution of our Quonset HQ Design The original...

New YouTube Video: T-Shaped Quonset Huts?!?!

Quonset Hut Build: Can you build a T-shaped Hut?This question comes up from time to time in our Facebook Group so I decided it would make a good topic for a YouTube video. The short version: I wouldn't rule it out as completely impossible, but let's just say the idea...