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On ten acres in Northern Arizona, we're building The Quompound: our own group of experimental Quonset hut houses. In the spirit of sharing our newfound Quonset construction knowledge, our monthly newsletter brings all our challenges, anecdotes, wins, and lessons learned straight to your inbox. Once completed, we're sharing our Quonset houses with the world as Grand Canyon vacation rentals. Want to test drive a Quonset House? Come give one of ours a spin!

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Quonset Hut House Build: Quonsetpalooza 3.0

Quonset Hut House Design Evolution Way back when we started dreaming up what would become the Quompound, it all started with an idea about a Quonset Hut House. As the designs and plans grew and evolved, the Workshop and Headquarters Quonset huts were spun off from the...

Panorama of the Quonset Guest House Arches

We have arches!I'll post a full write up on the amazing long weekend we spent with friends helping us build the Quonset hut arches for the guest house - it was a blast and we have really perfected our Quonset-hut-building technique. (Given that this is our third...

Quonset Hut House Build: Radiant Heated Floor Slab

Prep for the Slab Once the ICF walls were up (see this post for details), it was time to pour the floor slab. With ICF walls, the walls are often set on top of the slab, but since we are installing radiant floor heating, we wanted the extra insulation of the ICF walls...

Quonset Hut House Build: ICF Base Walls

Setting up the ICF Blocks The ICF walls are a big feature of this house. ICF is a great system but it isn't in wide use yet. Insulated (or insulating) Concrete Form is a system of styrofoam blocks that interlock to create a strong formwork into which rebar is placed...