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Last Quonset Construction Visit of 2017

The other week we made our last trip over to the property for the year. What a year it was! But I can't wax poetic on 2017 just yet. I need to update y'all on our latest progress, and save all the "year in review" stuff for a future post. This trip was all about...

Do they allow Quonset hut homes in my area?

I get asked this a lot, or something similar, such as, "what are the places to purchase property where they will allow you to build your house out of a Quonset hut?" Sadly, there are many places where local restrictions and requirements control what a new house can...

Book Review: Quonset Hut

Subtitled Metal Living for a Modern Age, this charming Quonset hut history edited by Julie Decker and Chris Chiei belongs in every Quonset lover's library. A series of individual essays, the book focuses on various aspects of the creation of the Quonset hut during the...

Quonset House Headquarters: Plumbing + Electrical

We had another great trip to the property last week. This was a Friday to Wednesday trip, returning the day before Thanksgiving. We got a ton done (we're really in a groove now when we go over to the property, which is awesome) and we saw the pinkest sunset EVER! Our...