Earlier this year I was interviewed by Enoch Sears for his Business of Architecture podcast. At that point, I had been selected as a finalist for Charrette Venture Group’s Architecture Business Plan Competition, but the final round of the competition hadn’t yet been held. At the final competition in May in Philadelphia, I won Honorable Mention. WooHoo!

The whole thing was an amazing experience. But then, the summer that followed was such a blur, that I forgot all about the interview. Not that I completely forgot, but it was very far from front of mind for me. This morning I got quite a pleasant surprise when I got in my car for an hour drive, pulled up my podcasts on my phone, and there was my interview with Enoch! He had posted it this past Tuesday.

I really enjoyed hearing this snapshot of my thinking from when I was in the final stages of preparation for the competition, when just about all I was thinking about 24/7 was my business plan for Clever Moderns. (That is, I enjoyed it in spite of the million times I said “you know” and “ummm” …) Coincidentally, just the other day my business coach (shout out to Mark LePage over at EntreArchitect Academy!) encouraged me to go back and revisit the business plan, to see what adjustments it might need after that blur of a summer. After listening, I can definitely tell that some adjustments to the business plan are in order. I can also say that hearing the interview really encouraged me more than ever to keep things moving forward and follow my vision!

The Video

Here’s the YouTube video of the interview. For the show page at the Business of Architecture podcast, where you can access the show notes, get the audio-only podcast version, and other info, click here.

Enoch has been a big supporter of this project and I’ve learned tons from him over the years. He’s a great guy and his Business of Architecture podcast and platform are a great resource. Thanks, Enoch!

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