At Clever Moderns, we are working on a suite of resources for DIY Quonset hut homebuilders. As we continue building the Quompound, our multi-Quonset compound in northern Arizona, we’re adding new resources to these pages regularly.

Something you don’t see here that you think we should add? Send me an email and I’ll look into it.

We’ve created a great tool to help you understand what size & type of Quonset will work best for your build. Our Quonset Design Diagrams take the guesswork out of it and answer your questions like how much space you’ll have inside your hut, and which sizes will work best for a loft or second floor.

Download free plans for your project and get inspired. Based on our real-world Quonset House construction experience, our plans are designed to work with the unique characteristics of Quonset huts to maximize the spaciousness and livability that Quonset hut house owners love.

For a successful project, you need a good work plan. Earl will help you spot those unexpected things that are going to come up when you least expect it, before they take you by surprise. Get the expert advice you need to make your Quonset hut build a success.

Get our best recommendations in books. Whether you’re looking for Quonset hut history, inspiration, design & planning guidance, or how-to help, you’ll find it here.

Time lapse cameras, drones, IP cameras for remote viewing, Arduino-connected remote temperature sensors – these and more are the tech tools that have helped us build the Quompound. Here we share what worked and what we learned as we built our Quonset huts.

Here are the web pages and online tools we return to again and again.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job. Get our must-have picks based on our direct experience building our own Quonset huts at the Quompound.

As we build the Quompound, we’re keeping track of all the best things we bought to put in it. We bought a lot of stuff that got returned because it wasn’t right for a Quonset hut house. Find out which things made the cut.