Free Quonset Hut House Plans:

Side Window Studio Hut

At Clever Moderns, we’re designing a series of simple, modern, Quonset hut houses, the plans for which anyone can download for free: No strings attached. We’re releasing them as a kind of “open source” architectural experiment. The Side Window Studio Hut is the second installment in our Free Plans series. 

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About the Side Window Studio Hut


Based on our Headquarters Hut at the Quompound, this clever little hut is ideal for small (but not quite tiny) living, an artist’s studio, a workshop, or guest quarters. Its compact, 600 square-foot design has a great layout for living, sleeping, cooking, & eating in one compact yet open space, with a 3/4 bath. The sleeping area can optionally be separated with a wall, for a true one-bedroom layout.

Scroll past the images to get the free download of this design which includes floor plans, sections, elevations, photos, computer renderings, specs and stats.

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You can check out a short YouTube video on the Side Window Studio Hut here:

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