The most natural place for windows in a Quonset hut house is in the end walls. After all, the whole building is just metal arch after metal arch after metal arch. Often though, people want windows along the sides. This has come up a few times in our Facebook group, so I put together a video showing how we intend to install our side windows. I’ve been working on a 3D model of the building, and have modeled the window components, trying to be as true as possible to the actual pieces we were sent by the building manufacturer.

This building will be our workshop, but I have deliberately designed it to show what a small, 650 square foot Quonset hut cottage could be like. Depending on what level of finishes a person used, and some other variables like what type of insulation and how much of it, etc., a person should be able to build this for around $50,000.00, if not less.

If you’re interested in our Facebook group, search for ‘DIY Quonset Dwellers’ or simply type in There are some great discussions going on over there; hope you will join us! We will be in Arizona next week working on finishing this building’s assembly, including the window boxes, and the Facebook group is usually the first place I post pictures and discuss what we’re doing. So if you join, you’ll get the latest updates as they happen.

Follow along as we build the Quompound!

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