The Design

I’ve been working away on the plans for the guest house on our Arizona property, and I’ll soon be releasing the free, downloadable PDF version of them. In the meantime, I wanted to offer a sneak peek of the design. The guest house is a Quonset hut house designed using a simple, 25-foot diameter Quonset hut and raising it up 8 additional feet on side walls. Here’s a view of it rendered into a photo of our site.

The house faces due west, towards a very distinctive looking mountain in the distance that we call Pointy Peaks. We recently learned that Pointy Peaks’ real name is Mt. Floyd. We’re sticking with Pointy Peaks.

Here’s a view of the interior, from the loft, looking out at Pointy Peaks, followed by a couple of additional interior views.

Right now we are working with our structural engineer, and I believe he is going to be able to eliminate the two posts supporting the loft that you can see in the renderings above.

The Architectural Plans

Here are the plans as we’ve developed them thus far. I will soon be releasing them as a downloadable pdf for free. If you want to be notified when they drop, sign up for my newsletter below.

Follow along as we build the Quompound!

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