I took these on my solo trip out to our property in mid-January 2017. I’m no expert on night sky photography, I just set a long exposure and high ISO, and propped my Nikon D90 up on the bed of my pickup truck. Not bad for an amateur!

They remind me of this quote from the essay, “Titan of Chasms” about the Grand Canyon. It’s an early 20th century description of the Canyon, and it’s an interesting read. You can find the full text online.

“Long may the visitor loiter upon the verge, powerless to shake loose from the charm, tirelessly intent upon the silent transformations until the sun is low in the west. Then the canyon sinks into mysterious purple shadow, the far Shinumo Altar is tipped with a golden ray, and against a leaden horizon the long line of the Echo Cliffs reflects a soft brilliance of indescribable beauty, a light that, elsewhere, surely never was on sea or land. Then darkness falls, and should there be a moon, the scene in part revives in silver light, a thousand spectral forms projected from inscrutable gloom; dreams of mountains, as in their sleep they brood on things eternal.”


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